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We’re Not The Best, But There’s No One Better

Tower Boots have been growing in popularity the last few years. When we first started doing them about 7 years ago we did, maybe once a year. Because of the complexity of them really drives the price. Not many have dared to try them and those that have don’t want to do them again. The last few years we are doing one about ever 2-3 months! With each one, we learn something new to make them fit better and look even sleeker.

With this Supra S-Bend tower, the real challenge was how to fit all the board rack covers into the cover and fit them there so it was a seamless fit. When all was said and done, we had 32 hours in this! We are not the best, but there is no one better.

Template: Clint Halladay

Sewing: Amanda Robison

Fabric: Sunbrella Supreme  

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