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Outdoor Furniture & Yard Covers

This time of year we get help Land Form Desing Group and other property management companies to help get yard furniture and other things covered for the many winters to come. This past week, right before our first big snow storm we finished 2 bigger projects for both LFDG and Milestone Management.

We used a high water repellant fabric, Top Gun 1S, to help keep the snow and rain from soaking the furniture. We use a PTFE thread that will never burn up in the sun. We would anticipate these covers to last any from seven to 14 years depending on exposure.

Depending on the shape of the furniture, we use a few different methods of securing the cover and keeping it from catching the wind and blowing off. We will use a cinch strap in a zipper pocket to keep everything concealed and polished looking and in some cases add straps under the cover to help keep it in place.

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