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Keepin’ That Tower Clean – The Art That Is A Tower Boot

Tower Boots are by far the most complicated cover we make. We learn something new each and every time we make one. Every tower is so unique and so different, what we learned on the last one may not apply to the next. On average we have as many hours in making one of these as we do in a full bimini and enclosure. The twists and turns make every pc unique and when you get it flat on the table it resembles a map of a golf course.

With these, we like to use Sunbrella Supreme so its soft on the pain of the tower. Sunbrealla Supreme is an excellent upgrade for any application that you feel you might need something a bit better than the standard Sunbrella. It is much more water repellant and has a soft flocking on the inside to help prevent chaffing and wear on anything it comes in contact with

If you would like to keep the bugs off the tower this is a great option, but keep in mind with the time it takes to make one don’t be surprised when the price is over $2000.

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