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Snap covers are great for travel as the cover is secured directly to the boat. It will keep the bulk of the elements out of and off the boat.

Sewlong's Snap Covers


Snap covers are designed for travel, mooring, and light storage applications. They secure to your boat with snap fasteners and protect the interior of your boat. These covers prevent the chafing that can result from Cinch or Rachet covers flapping in the ferocious, highway winds. 

Our snap covers are custom made to fit each individual boat utilizing state-of-the-art 3D mapping technology which allows us to contour the seams to match the complex shapes and curves of the boat and windshield. We reinforce potential wear spots and fortify the edges with polyester webbing for greater strength and better snap retention. With our expertise, you get a cover that will last for many years and fits snug and tight. This helps prevent water pooling as well as prolongs the life of your boat.


Designed for travel, mooring & light storage applications.

Great for Travel

A good fitting cover that is permanently fastened to the boat will protect your interior without damaging your exterior.

Premium Fabric

Premium Sunbrella® Fabric is breathable while being highly UV and abrasion resistant.

Independent Use

Because traditional snap on cockpit and bow covers are two separate covers you can utilize your bow cover to block off the wind on those cool days.

Custom Fit

Our use of 3D technology allows us to contour our seams and eliminates the use of traditional darts. This creates a cover with a better fit.

High Quality

Our snap covers last for years because we use premium fabric with heat cut edges to prevent fraying, our covers are double sewn with a lock stitch—not a chain stitch, and we reinforce wear and stress points.

Compact & Easy to Stow

With a snap cover you have just the right amount of cover, which makes it relatively small with no extra fabric! This makes stowing easy and smooth.

Pink Stain DISCLAIMER: Selecting black or dark fabric colors may result in the “pinking” of your vinyl. The SewLong warranty DOES NOT cover any repairs or any expenses incurred relating to pinking.


Due to the nature and precise fit of snap covers they should generally be done by a local provider, if you have the ability to bring your boat in to our shop we can help. If not we recommend using the ATA to Find a Local Marine Fabricator or using a google search and searching for “Custom Boat Covers near me”.

snap cover inquiry

Snap covers are a made-to-order product which requires your boat be brought to our shop.

Will we carefully measure and build it to fit your boat, specifically.  We traditionally have said, “locals only,” but if you can bring your boat into our shop we can build a snap cover for you. 

Please fill out the snap cover order form and we will contact you to set up an appointment to bring your boat in. 

Or just give us a call at 801-262-4017.

What our Customers Say:

The best customer service ever! I have a boat cover they made for the original owners (we are second owners) & they STILL honored their warranty on their product when it needed a replacement zipper & new Velcros. Amazing! Quality is top notch, and I would absolutely recommend them to everyone. They are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and classy. Thank you SewLong!