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Who We Are and What We Do


Innovative Marine Canvas

SewLong leads the industry in marine canvas for wake boats, manufacturing a unique line of stylish and functional products. Using premium components, our team blends technology, innovation, and craftsmanship to deliver products that will last a lifetime. We also serve local customers with fully customized projects.

Our customers are boat manufacturers (OEM), boat dealers, and owners of wake boats who value quality and functionality. With our vast library of wake boat patterns, we serve boat enthusiasts, at all levels, across the country.

Our Purpose: To Enrich the Quality of Life

We strive to enrich the quality of life, whether that means protecting the investments of customers, providing shade for a fun-filled day on the water, or providing our USA-based team with the basic necessities of life. We strive to lift the people around us and make their lives better, wherever and however we can.

Mission Statement

“Provide amazing customer service while fusing craftsmanship and innovation to deliver extraordinary marine canvas and contract textiles.”

Core Values

People Matter – Live by the Golden Rule.
We are a team of people who depend on people to serve people. We interact and treat each other the way we want to be treated.

Work Like a Predator, Not Prey.
We are active and determined; we solve problems and work with the resources available. We are willing to take risks to learn new things and follow examples of the warriors that came before. We are humble in our victories and resilient in our failures.

Teamwork Doesn’t SEAM Work!
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We are members of an exclusive team that push each other when a challenge is required and support each other when grace is needed.

Ring the “Bell” of Excellence.
Winning comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be a personal best time or the most beautiful cover we have made. It can also be the feeling we get when recognizing others’ efforts. We celebrate our wins, big and small, and are proud of our work.

Strong business cultures require strong leaders

Strong and long-lasting business cultures don’t happen by accident. Read SewLong’s journey to a strong culture featured in the May 2021 edition of Marine Fabricator magazine.  Clint Halladay  describes how lasting change requires tough conversations, vulnerability, and taking real action.

Gentler negotiations

Negotiations of any sort—with coworkers, clients and suppliers—can be stressful, but using both your head and heart wisely means they don’t have to derail the success of your projects or your business. Clint Halladay, SewLong’s Culture and Operations leader, gives an honest account of how tough negotiations coupled with vulnerability, creates a better company culture.

Meet the team

SewLong is a tight-knit group of like-minded people. We are always looking for great, new
team-mates. If you think you belong here, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Justin Jones


Growing up in an industrial sewing family, Justin combined his passion for sewing and fabrication with boating. Justin first exhibited his passion and designs at the 1999 Salt Lake Boat Show. Throughout the years Justin has been featured multiple times in the industry magazine, Marine Fabricator, and has received numerous awards for quality and innovative work. While Justin’s focus on innovation, functionality, and premium textiles has given SewLong the foundation to succeed, his concentration on getting the right people onto the team and dedication to customer service has pushed SewLong into amazing growth.

Justin enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Hollie, and four kids. He enjoys boating in the summer and snow machining in the winter.

Hollie Jones

Finance & business Leader

Hollie married Justin just after he had sewed his first boat cover in 1999. She joined him in helping grow this little backyard business into the organization it is today. Hollie received a degree in business finance from the University of Utah in 2003 and uses those principles in the day-to-day finances at SewLong.

Outside of SewLong, Hollie teaches high-energy spin classes at VASA Fitness and is known for motivating and inspiring her spin aficionados. She also enjoys boating and is very busy managing the rearing of four kids!

Clint Halladay

Culture & Operation leader

Clint has been a key part of the success of SewLong since he joined the team in June 2010. Many of you know him as the face of SewLong, as he is frequently an essential part of the customer experience. Clint also greatly contributes to our production team as he manages most projects and has innovated our use of technology. Additionally, Clint has had an impressive impact as a leader and on the development of the culture of our team.

Outside of work, Clint and his wife, Ashley, are working to fix up their cool, new Mid-Mod house with their son, Carter. Clint also enjoys coaching soccer, and he hopes to take his family out boating more. He is driven to grow both personally and as a leader.

Mike Edwards
Mike joined the Sewlong team in 2023. Mike has a lot of experience and a passion for helping others. Mike is always eager to apply his background as a mechanical tech, customer service and boating to provide the best customer service experience to new and existing customers.

Away from work Mike enjoys raising a family and turning a wrench on personal projects.



Esmeralda is a highly motivated and energetic leader for our sewing department. She first came to Utah from Venezuela in 2003 for a vacation and ended up staying. Esmeralda has been passionate about sewing for more than 20 years, though she originally graduated in Tourism and Airline Hospitality. She has sewing experience ranging from upholstery to clothing and has sewn with a wide variety of textiles. She loves to help people and her go-getter attitude has made SewLong better. She never balks from a tough project. Her drive and goal-setting has had a huge impact on her sewing team.

Away from work, she loves to crochet, sew, relax, and to dance, particularly to Latin music. She also enjoys spending time with her two kids and her granddaughter. Since her first trip to the lake, Esmeralda has fallen in love with boating and is always looking forward to the next trip.


CAD Leader

Ivan was originally from Venezuela, and he and his wife Julieth relocated to Utah where Ivan joined the SewLong team in February 2017. Ivan started by sweeping the floors and has contributed in many departments, including doing frames, upholstery, and sewing. Most recently, he has become a team leader as well as making patterns through CAD design.

Ivan is the father of one princess with one more on the way. He appreciates the intricacies of cooking and relishes eating good foods. He is constantly working on goals to improve his life.

Team Work doesn't SEAM Work