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Our Tower-Down Ratchet cover is used for light storage and transportation. It is our hybrid cover for boats designed to travel with the tower down.

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Sewlong's Tower-Down Ratchet Cover


Like our Cinch Cover, the Tower-Down Ratchet Cover is a hybrid cover specifically designed for boats that are engineered to transport with the tower collapsed or folded down. It is intended for travel, mooring, and light storage applications. Our ratchet cover is functional, easy to use, and provides protection from the elements for your boat. We have worked relentlessly to develop and refine the Tower-Down Ratchet Cover to deliver the best results possible from a cover that is not directly fastened to the boat—like a snap cover. The Tower-Down Ratchet cover brought cool back into boat cover conversations.

Tower-Down Ratchet Cover Features

Bug Free

For boats that have a tower built to transport while the tower is down. Keep your tower, speakers, and accessories clean and bug free.

Transport Without Snaps

With the Tower-Down Ratchet Cover, you can transport your boat and protect it from the elements. No snaps needed.

Custom Fit

With our state-of-the-art 3D measuring equipment, computer processing, and automated cutting system, our ratchet covers are made specifically for each boat model.

Premium Fabric

On our ratchet covers, we use a combination of the premium, solution-dyed marine fabric, WeatherMAX® 80 and WeatherMAX® SG (Soft Guard), to both protect sensitive touch points on the boat and reduce bulk.

Lightweight & Durable

Our Tower-Down Ratchet Covers are strong, lightweight, and weather resistant. We heat cut edges, double stitch, and reinforce the cover on wear/stress points to ensure a long life. This makes for an easy-to-handle, resilient cover that is compact and stows easily. 

Easy Access

Our Tower-Down Ratchet Covers come with access for the gas cap and cleats to make fueling your boat a breeze or allow you to use your cover while tied up on the water.

Damage DISCLAIMER: Traveling for long periods of time with a ratchet cover (or any variation of a tie-on or strap fastened style cover) has the potential to mark up the gelcoat and sensitive surfaces. To minimize scratching, ensure the cover is clean and free of any abrasive debris. SewLong LLC will not warranty or cover any damage to gelcoat, boat, or any related components/surfaces while transporting with the cover on.

Pink Stain DISCLAIMER: Selecting black or dark fabric colors may result in the “pinking” of your vinyl. The SewLong warranty DOES NOT cover any repairs or any expenses incurred relating to pinking.

What our Customers Say:

It is not every day you find a company like this!!! The most innovative and nice people you will ever meet. My equipment is over 18 years old (owes me noting) and has seen a lot of use. When I needed a little repair work, they stood behind their products (no one does that anymore) and were overly fair (to their own detriment). I was not prepared for how amazing my experience would be. I would highly recommend this awesome company. Thanks Justin and Team.