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Category: Projects

Bike Share Covers

A cover for the bikeSHARE project. It was made of Aqualon to help protect the devices on the off-season.

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Surf Pockets

For some time now, we’ve offered our Surf Rack Cargo System for our FCT. Its biggest downside? This is a whole separate piece of hardware

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Protect Your Investment!

The mornings and evenings are starting to cool down quite a bit, and that means fall and winter are right around the corner. Its time

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Malibu Tower Cover

We got to do another Tower Boot on this Malibu. As always it came with its own unique challenges. I think we are getting better

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Nautique G23 Cinch Cover

Here is a Cinch Cover for a 2016 Nautique G23 we just finished. It fit like a glove, we even covered the tower base for

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Supreme Octo Tower Bimini

Our good friend, Tory Mann of, asked us if there was any way we could build our Folding Canopy Top on the new Supreme

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