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Marine Canvas

As we start every week with our “Mission Statement Monday Morning Meeting,” we remind each other why we are different than other organizations. We strive to “Provide AMAZING customer service while fusing craftsmanship and innovation to deliver EXTRAORDINARY marine canvas, upholstery, and contract textiles.

When it comes to marine canvas and upholstery for your ski, wake, or surf boat, we are not going to be arrogant and say we are the best, but there is no one better. We stay away from awnings, tarps, and automotive upholstery to allow us to focus our efforts on mastering marine textiles.

So whether you are having us fix a small tear in your cover or considering a $15,000 full re-upholstery of your boat, we pay attention to not just the finer details of your end product but the whole boating experience. Whether it’s by making your time on the water easier and more enjoyable with our FCT, or keeping your boat looking new and protected with covers that last the test of time and by standing behind our products with our industry-leading lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship.

Give us a call or email and let us prove to you how we are different!

Our team of experienced fabricators have seen it all from bent bimini frames, replacing missing hardware, patching a small hole in your snap cover, or even rebuild missing parts of a storage cover.

repair 200x200

We believe in and build three covers for most boats and boat owners. There are many options and possibilities, and we love exploring them and getting the chance to create something unique for your boat. In most cases, these three covers will be the right fit to protect your boat.

img-0061 (1)

Snap covers are going to be the best option for those looking to protect the interior of the boat while traveling to and from the lake. They are also great for mooring the boat overnight while at the lake. We recommend them if your main goal is protecting the boat while traveling.

photo-oct-03-10-37-25-am (1)
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Our storage covers are designed to protect your boat from sun, water, and dirt. We cover from the top of your tower, arch, or windshield down to the chine. We use a waterproof Aqualon Edge help keep water out and SolarFix PTFE thread to keep it sewn together for years to come. These covers are not recommended for traveling, we would be concerned with the cover chafing the boat going down the freeway.

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This is our hybrid cover. It will protect more of the boat than the snap covers, but not as much as a storage cover. It will travel better than a storage cover but not as well as a snap cover.

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Our Folding Canopy Top was designed to work with your tower to provide maximum shade and not be a wrestling match to set up. It has taken on many revisions over the years and it continues to get better. We offer high-end aftermarket tops for Centurion, Nautique, and Supreme boats. We also have the ability to make a custom top for your boat with a tower.

Supreme Octo 1
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Our traditional bimini tops are custom built to your specifications. We only use stainless steel tubing and hardware and do our bending in-house. We offer a wide range of fabrics tailored to your needs. We fabricate our biminis and enclosures both with longevity and ease of use in mind.

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