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May 23, 2022

Kuhl Unimog

The Kuhl Unimog is a cool project we did, it a giant tent-like thing that attaches to an even bigger truck! Unfortunately, we never got a good picture of the cover on the truck, but you can imagine right!

Deck Drapings

At Custom Covers We sure do love our boats, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like working on projects for the home. Check out our latest project of the week. Beautiful deck draping for Linda Bandley. All credit goes to Rick Burgin for the wonderful work he does!

RV Cover

The holidays are over, and we’re back on track here at Custom Covers. So we would like to showcase our project of the week–an RV cover for our client, Steve Barlow. It’s made of Aqualon and was manufactured with one of our new methods. Thanks, Rick and Justin. It looks awesome!