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Folding Canopy Tops

Convenient shade option for all-day play on the water. Use our handy search tool to find a folding canopy top to fit your boat.

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Smooth, Award-Winning Style

Our patented and award-winning Folding Canopy Tops (FCT) provides the most coverage and are the easiest to use sunshades in the industry. The unique design mounts to the outside of the tower and utilizes the tower as part of the structure. This eliminates the need for unnecessary framework and allows for more length and headroom while being simple to use.

We have two versions of our Folding Canopy Top. The FCTv2 uses our custom designed and manufactured mounting hardware that can adapt our unique framework to most boat towers. Our FCTv3 hardware is engineered and built specifically for certain Centurion, Supreme, and Nautique boat towers. The v3 hardware is more robust to accommodate a larger framework and coverage. Both the v2 and v3 mounting hardware were designed specifically to allow for installation without drilling holes in the tower or top.

Folding Canopy Top Features

Abundant Coverage

Our FCT provides the most shade you can get with a tower-mounted bimini top, all while providing plenty of headroom.

Surf Pockets

Surf pockets provide a convenient way to store and transport your surf boards. Our surf pockets are made with a special heat-reducing fabric to protect your boards from the hot summer sun.

Simple & Easy

The FCT utilizes a simple, tower-mounted folding design that allows for easy stowing in the included zip-on boot, resulting in a neat, clean look.

Robust Hardware

Stainless-steel frame and custom manufactured mounting components made from billet aluminum, ensure a solid, robust mounting foundation that is durable and quick to install.

Love the Sun

The FCT is made of premium, Sunbrella® brand fabric, which carries the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation, so you and your tribe stay protected.

Complete Solution

The FCT is long-lasting and comes with all the components you need to install, use, and store for transport, including the storage boot.

Damage DISCLAIMER: Please collapse, store and boot your Folding Canopy Top before transporting. It is NOT advised to tow or haul your boat with the top open and extended. SewLong LLC will not warranty or cover any damage to framework, canvas, or related components with transporting with the FCT in the open or extended position.

Wake tower bimini smarts

Here in Salt Lake City, Utah, towboats are king. We have a few lakes with cruisers, but for the most part, it’s day trips to the lake to play. We have one of the highest boat ownerships per capita in the country. Because of this, we have some of the biggest towboat dealers in the world nearby, and we have been lucky to build relationships with them.

2019 MFA Excellence Awards

Sponsored by the Marine Fabricators Association (MFA), the Fabrication Excellence Awards contest is designed to recognize excellence in marine fabrication. The entries are displayed throughout the MFA’s Marine Fabricators Conference and are judged by a panel of certified marine professionals.

Custom tower bimini earns IAA award

Sewlong–Custom Covers was recognized with the Outstanding Achievement Award for creating a custom tower bimini for Centurion Boats with Maximus Towers as an alternative to the factory option. The custom bimini is easy to use and provides more sun shade and extra storage for surfboards. The project involved designing custom hardware.

3D Printed Copy of our Top

I picked up a new-to-me 2005 Centurion SV230 this year and it didn’t come with a bimini. While shopping for one, it suddenly dawned on me that I should just print one. Yes, print one with a 3D printer.
I chose to copy Sewlong’s patented Folding Canopy Top. It’s a great design. All of the black ABS plastic pieces you see were printed with a Stratasys Dimension 3D printer. The tubing is 1″ aluminum. I’ll be using Sunbrella for the canvas. Here are pics of my progress so far.

What our Customers Say:

Seriously people if you have a boat you need to get your cover and Bimini top from SewLong. We have had our boat covered with one for 7 years and it still looks new. We just got back from Powell and had some weather and unfortunately the cover ripped under the strain of rubbing against buoys in 60 MPH winds. Brought it in today and they’re going to fix it under a warranty I had no clue about. This is customer service personified. I was already thrilled with the quality of what we bought and now this. WOW is the only word that comes to mind. I have no doubt the repair will be awesome but I had to give them a review as this is a company that knows how to treat their customers.


Folding Canopy Top Installation Videos

Centurion Drop Zone FCTv3 Install

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control FCTv3 19’-21’ Install

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control FCTv3 18’ Install

Play Video

Centurion Maximus FCTv3 15’-21’ Install

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control FCTv3 12-17’ Install

Play Video

Tubular Tower (Nautique) FCTv2 Install

Play Video

Gladiator Tower Folding Canopy – Bimini install

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control Tower Bimini – Digital Install

Play Video

FCTv3 Frame Adjustment

Play Video

Folding Canopy Top Use & functionality Videos

Centurion Maximus 15’-21’ functionality

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control FCTv3 19’-21’

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control FCTv3 18’

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control FCTv3 12’-17’

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control Tower Bimini – Open

Play Video

Nautique Flight Control Tower Bimini – Close

Play Video

Supreme Octo Tower Bimini Fold & Collapse

Play Video