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What Cover Do I Need?

Snap Cockpit and Bow Cover

Snap covers are the ideal cover for travel because they are fixed in place with the snaps which help keep the cover in one place and helps limit the amount of chafing and wear on the gel coat. Our Snap covers are specifically designed for travel, so they fit snugly and are installed tight. Whenever possible, we use side release buckles in the back of the boat to help pull the cover tight as it may stretch out over time. Our snap line is also reinforced with polyester webbing to prevent the snaps from tearing through the cover. Snaps will break in half before tearing the cover. Snap covers will NOT keep water out of your boat and are not ideal for storage. Sunbrella is a breathable fabric, making it excellent for when you are leaving the lake and your boat is still wet. The cover will allow the moisture out. However, over time it will also let moisture in. Also, you will get gaps around biminis, the tower, etc. Every fabricator will try their best to eliminate them but in some cases they are unavoidable. Snap Cockpit and Bow covers also only protect the interior cockpit and bow, exposing the majority of the exterior. This is not the right cover if you plan on storing the boat outside.

Double Up Storage Cover

A GOOD Storage cover is by far the best investment you can make to help preserve and protect your boat other than storing it indoors. Our Double Up cover, covers the entire boat from the top of the tower down to the chine. Because of the pitch that is created going over the tower, it has excellent watershed. Along with the coverage, you are protecting the tower, and everything mounted to the tower and the gel coat from sun damage. The fabric we use is acrylic coated Top Gun 1S which is highly water-resistant, if not waterproof. We also use a PTFE thread to prevent the need to ever have a seam re-sewn after being in the sun too long.

The list of low points for this is short. We don’t recommend traveling with it on, IT WILL CHAFE AND WEAR ON YOUR BOAT. The reason is there is a lot of fabric to flap in the wind and beat on your boat. The other issue is that the first few times you put it on it might be a bit cumbersome, but it gets easier. And finally, this is the most expensive cover we make, but the protection it provides for your boat makes it worth the cost.

Cinch Cover

This is our hybrid cover. It will travel well, and it protects more of the boat than a snap on cockpit and bow. Upside of this cover is the look; it is a great looking cover (ours still looks good after 8+ years). You can also have a “travel cover” that doesn’t require adding snaps to your boat. In between trips to the lake, while the boat is on the side of your house, the boat is well protected from the elements.

The biggest downside to this cover is the traveling. We do everything we can from fitting the boat to fabrication to keep the cover as tight as we can, but it can still flap in the wind and chafe the boat. But having your boat buffed once a year will bring the shine right back. It also isn’t the best storage cover; it leaves your tower and everything below the rub rail exposed to the elements.

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