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Supreme Octo Tower Bimini

Our good friend, Tory Mann of, asked us if there was any way we could build our Folding Canopy Top on the new Supreme s238 with the new Octo Tower. Of course, we said yes! Then he added he needed it to allow the tower to collapse to fit in low garages. We said we will do what we can, This issue has been the real shortcoming of our FCT. So we got the new boat, played around with the tower, got a feel for how it works and what our limitations and changes would be. We made a few prototype pieces of hardware guess what? We did it!

We had designed the mounting plate with a “notch” cut into it to miss hitting the windshield and had to slot the plate so it would allow the standard jaw slide to rotate on it without binding. It did take a few attempts to get it working but I think the work will pay off.

The functionality of the top is the same as our original Folding Canopy Top with the same quick and easy setup and collapse along with the large shade coverage and the surf pockets for extra storage. To fold the tower you just need to remove the thumb screw from the front jaw slide and as the tower folds forward you lay our top back.

This top will work on both the Supreme s238 and Supreme s211 with the Octo tower! Sorry about the poor photos, they were taking in the shop with poor lighting. We will get some better ones as time goes one.

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