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“We are Custom Covers!”

We make lots of our FCT. Most of them are pretty similar and follow our standard processes. Every once and while we get to make one that requires some extra time planning and extra time making. This job was on of those opportunities. It ended up requiring 2 zipper slots and 3 velcro flaps to go around and under lights and speakers. We also needed to make it as large as we could without it looking out of place. I think we accomplished every need and want of the customer and our selves.

We also made him a tower speaker boot. We made it our of Sunbrella Supreme. We have been using Sunbrella Supreme now for about 5-6 years and if your canvas shop isn’t offering it to you, you need to ask for it. When it comes to projects that are going to be rubbing on your boat or the finest bimini top, not many things are as good as Sunbrella Supreme.

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