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Nautique Dual Housing Speaker Covers (Pair)


This pair of speaker covers is built for the JL Dual Housing speaker.

This pair of speaker covers is made of durable WeatherMAX® 80 fabric, which comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The standard covers come with a SewLong logo.

Custom Colors: While we usually make speaker covers in black or grey, there are a wide variety of colors that can be used in the cover or on the logo. If you’d like a custom color, fabric, or logo, please choose the “Custom Color – Made To Order” option in the drop down. Once your order has been processed, a SewLong representative will contact you for personalized help in selecting the right options to meet your needs.

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2024-Nautique-G25-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-G23-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-G21-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-S25 (Super Air)-Nautique – G & S series FCT Tower
2024-Nautique-S25 (Super Air)-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-s23 (Super Air)-Nautique – G & S series FCT Tower
2024-Nautique-s23 (Super Air)-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-S21 (Super Air)-Nautique – G & S series FCT Tower
2024-Nautique-S21 (Super Air)-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS24-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS24-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS22-FCT-GS 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS22-FCT-GS Tube 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS20-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS20-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS24-FCT-GS 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS24-FCT-GS Tube 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS22-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS22-FCT-G 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS20-FCT-GS 2022+
2024-Nautique-GS20-FCT-GS Tube 2022+
2023-Nautique-S25 (Super Air)-FCT-G 2022+
2023-Nautique-S23 (Super Air)-FCT-G 2022+
2023-Nautique-G21 (Super Air)-FCT-G 2022+
2023-Nautique-G25 (Super Air)-FCT-G 2022+
2023-Nautique-G23 (Super Air)-FCT-G 2022+
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 4 in

Black, Light Charcoal (Gray), Custom Color – Made To Order


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Simple & Sleek

Our zip-on design provides an easy-to-use, form-fitting product that looks sleek and functions well to protect your speakers.

Long-Lasting Quality

 We use 3D technology to create well fitting patterns, that are then built with premium fabrics, double-stitched seams, and heavy duty #10 zippers, resulting in a high quality product that will last for years.

Represent Your Brand

Our stock covers include the SewLong logo, or you can opt for a made-to-order logo with a custom brand.