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Moomba 2014-2024 Swim Platform Cover


Keep your GatorStep® and fiberglass swim platform for your Moomba boat, looking fresh and new by protecting it from the elements.

Dimensions: 65.5″ W X 29″ D  (+/- 1″)

*This cover may fit other models & years, contact us to confirm.*

Please check the customer drawing and verify your swim step dimensions before making a purchase.

This swim platform cover is made of durable WeatherMAX® 80 fabric, which comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The standard covers come with a SewLong logo.

Custom Colors: While we usually make swim platform covers in black or grey, there are a wide variety of colors that can be used in the cover or on the logo. If you’d like a custom color, fabric, or logo, please choose the “Custom Color – Made To Order” option in the drop down. Once your order has been processed, a SewLong representative will contact you for personalized help in selecting the right options to meet your needs.

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2024-Moomba-max-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2024-Moomba-Mondo-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2024-Moomba-Kaiyen-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2024-Moomba-Tykon-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2023-Moomba-Mojo-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2024-moomba-Mojo-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2024-Moomba-craz-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2017-Moomba-craz-S Bend (Roswell)
2023-moomba-max-A3 (Roswell)
2024-Moomba-Tykon-A3 (Roswell)
2024-Moomba-Max-A3 (Roswell)
2024-Moomba-Mondo-A3 (Roswell)
2024-Moomba-Makai-Moomba – E/PEX
2024-Moomba-Makai-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2024-Supreme -S220-Battle/F-Series
2023-Moomba-Makai-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2012-Moomba-MoJo 2.5-OZ
2023-Moomba-Craz-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2019-Moomba-Mojo-A3 (Roswell)
2022-Moomba-Mojo-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2022-Moomba-Makai-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2022-Moomba-Mojo-A3 (Roswell)
2019-Moomba-Max-A3 (Roswell)
2020-Moomba-Max-A3 (Roswell)
2021-Moomba-Kaiyen-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2021-Moomba-Kaiyen-A3 (Roswell)
2021-Moomba-Makai-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2019-Moomba-Craz-A3 (Roswell)
2018-Moomba-Max-Aviator (Roswell)
2023-Moomba-Craz-A3 (Roswell)
2022-Moomba-Craz-A3 (Roswell)
2021-Moomba-Craz-A3 (Roswell)
2022-Moomba-Max-A3 (Roswell)
2021-Moomba-Max-A3 (Roswell)
2020-Moomba-Mojo-A3 (Roswell)
2020-Moomba-Makai-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2019-Moomba-Makai-Pro Edge (Roswell)
2019-Moomba-Helix-Aviator (Roswell)
2018-Moomba-Mojo-A3 (Roswell)
2016-Moomba-Mojo-Aviator (Roswell)
2016-Moomba-Mojo-S Bend (Roswell)
2015-Moomba-Mojo-S Bend (Roswell)
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 4 in

Black, Light Charcoal (Gray), Custom Color – Made To Order


SEW 679.pdf

HP 679.pdf


Simple & Sleek

For most platform covers, we use the simple “shower cap” design, which is easy to put on and remove, while also being strong enough for use while on the highway.

Long-Lasting Quality

Premium materials and handmade craftmanship result in a swim platform cover that fits well and will last for years.

Represent Your Brand

Our stock covers include the SewLong logo, or you can opt for a made-to-order logo with a custom brand.