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Centurion Gladiator Folding Canopy Top


Enjoy the shade from our award-winning Folding Canopy Top with your Centurion with a Gladiator tower! It is easy to use and provides great coverage. This top uses our adaptable and custom made v2 mounting hardware to secure the frame specifically to your Gladiator tower. *DOES NOT FIT THE ELITE MODEL.*

Dimensions: 79″ L X 68.5″ W

*This Folding Canopy Top may fit other models with the same tower. Please contact us to confirm.*

For maximum UV protection, we use premium Sunbrella® fabric, which comes with a limited 10-year warranty, on this Folding Canopy Top. The distinctive silver surf pockets use specialty heat-reflecting Aqualon® fabric, which has a limited 7-year warranty. Our surf pockets are specifically designed to reduce heat and help protect your board against warping in extreme heat.

Custom Colors: While we usually make Folding Canopy Tops in black with silver surf pockets, there are a wide variety of fabrics and colors to choose from. If you’d like a custom color or fabric, please choose the “Custom Color – Made To Order” option in the drop down. Once your order has been processed, a SewLong representative will contact you for personalized help in selecting the right options to meet your needs.

SKU P-481 Category
2013-Centurion-Enzo SV211-Gladiator
2013-Centurion-Enzo SV233-Gladiator
2013-Centurion-Avalanche C-4-Gladiator
2012-Centurion-Avalanche C-4-Gladiator
2012-Centurion-Enzo SV211-Gladiator
2013-Centurion-Enzo SV240-Gladiator
2010-Centurion-Avalanche C-4-Gladiator
2014-Centurion-Enzo SV230-Gladiator
2011-Centurion-Avalanche C-4-Gladiator
2014-Centurion-Enzo SV244-Gladiator
2014-Centurion-Enzo SV233-Gladiator
2014-Centurion-SS 210-Gladiator
2013-Centurion-Enzo SV230-Gladiator
2013-Centurion-Enzo SV244-Gladiator
2012-Centurion-Enso SV230+-Gladiator
2012-Centurion-SV233 (Enzo)-Gladiator
2012-Centurion-Enzo 240 Plus-Gladiator
2012-Centurion-Enzo SV244-Gladiator
2011-Centurion-Enzo SV240-Gladiator
2010-Centurion-Enzo SV240-Gladiator
2010-Centurion-Enzo SV230-Gladiator
2009-Centurion-Avalanche C-4 (No Walk) -Gladiator
2014-Centurion-Avalanche C-4-Gladiator
Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 88 × 45 × 4 in

Black NO Surf Pockets, Black w/Silver Surf Pockets, Custom Color – NO Surf Pocket, Custom Color – With Surf Pocket

Installation Video


Gladiator Installation Instructions PRINT.pdf

Folding Canopy Top Features

Abundant Coverage

Our FCT provides the most shade you can get with a tower-mounted bimini top, all while providing plenty of headroom.

Surf Pockets

Surf pockets provide a convenient way to store and transport your surf boards. Our surf pockets are made with a special heat-reducing fabric to protect your boards from the hot summer sun.

Simple & Easy

The FCT utilizes a simple, tower-mounted folding design that allows for easy stowing in the included zip-on boot, resulting in a neat, clean look.

Robust Hardware

Stainless-steel frame and custom manufactured mounting components made from billet aluminum, ensure a solid, robust mounting foundation that is durable and quick to install.

Love the Sun

The FCT is made of premium, Sunbrella® brand fabric, which carries the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation, so you and your tribe stay protected.

Complete Solution

The FCT is long-lasting and comes with all the components you need to install, use, and store for transport, including the storage boot.

Damage DISCLAIMER: Please collapse, store and boot your Folding Canopy Top before transporting. It is NOT advised to tow or haul your boat with the top open and extended. SewLong LLC will not warranty or cover any damage to framework, canvas, or related components with transporting with the FCT in the open or extended position.