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5′ Centurion Maximus Shade Sail


Extend your shade with this easy-to-use 8ft Shade Sail. It is designed to clamp directly to your Centurion Maximus tower made by Roswell, 2015-2021.

The clamps used to mount the shade sail will mark your tower.

This system uses carbon fiber poles for strength and maximized shade while surfing. The sail is made of WeatherMAX® 3D fabric (which comes with a 5-year limited warranty) and takes mere minutes to deploy and get into place.

If you are unsure which shade sail will fit your set up, please give us a call at 801-262-4017. We’d be happy to help sort it out!

Custom Colors: While we usually make shade sails in black, there are two other colors that can be used for a shade sail. If you’d like a custom color, please choose the “Custom Color – Made To Order” option in the drop down. Once your order has been processed, a SewLong representative will contact you for personalized help in selecting the right options to meet your needs.

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2021-Centurion-Fi23-Maximus XL
2020-Centurion-Fi25-Maximus XL
2016-Centurion-Enzo SV233-Maximus
2020-Centurion-Fi21-Maximus XL
2020-Centurion-Vi22-Maximus XL
2015-Centurion-Enzo SV244-Maximus
2015-Centurion-Enzo SV233-Maximus
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2019-Centurion-Fi21-Maximus XL
2019-Centurion-Fi23-Maximus XL
2019-Centurion-Fi25-Maximus XL
2018-Centurion-Ri257-Maximus XL
2018-Centurion-Fi23-Maximus XL
2017-Centurion-Ri257-Maximus XL
Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 48 in


WeatherMAX® 3D

PDF – 1241 – Original project file 14457.pdf

Maximus – instruction_SS_TC.pdf

Shade Sail Features

Surf with the Shade On

Simply the best feature you can use while you surf. Our horizontal support poles stay out of the way of the tow rope, and enhance the comfort of those still on the boat.

Strength of Carbon Fiber

Our carbon fiber tubing provides the strength needed to support the sail without drilling holes and are UV Clear Coated to endure the intense summer sun.

Easy to Use

Once the mounts are installed, the shade sail can be put up or taken down in under a minute, giving you more time to enjoy boating, instead of wasting time on setting it up.

Lots of Extra Shade

We offer two sizes, our 5’ & 8’ Shade Sails. When mounted to our Folding Canopy Top you can add extra shade to the back, front, or both! 

Premium 3D Fabric

 WeatherMAX® 3D is one of the key components that makes our Shade Sail so functional. It is durable, lightweight, and flexible.

Convenient Storage

The carbon fiber tubing collapses into itself (8’ to 5’ & 5’ to 3.5’) and all the components pack up into one convenient storage bag that easily stows under the seats.

DISCLAIMER: NEVER operate the boat over idle speeds with an open forward-facing shade sail, or over surfing speeds (15mph) for an open rear-facing shade sail. SewLong LLC will not warranty or cover any damage to poles, canvas or any related components while exceeding those limitations, or in high wind circumstances. Non-rotating tower mounted clamps will mark the tower surface if/when removed.