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Keep your boat looking great with beautiful custom flooring

We’re the best in the business and can service anything from Grandpa’s old fishing boat to that luxurious cruiser yacht. Appearance is everything when you’re trying to impress your family and friends, so don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your boat. Here at Sewlong, we have all the skills you’re looking for in all your flooring needs.

Glue-In Carpet

At Sewlong Custom Covers, we know that the sun can be your best friend and your worst enemy when it comes to spending the day on the water. No one likes being forced to wear shoes when you’re out relaxing on the deck of your houseboat, but no one likes dancing around on the hot surface either. There’s no better way to combat those problems than with a nice carpet for the deck of your boat. We have all the tools and know-how to get it done the way you want it. Our custom design team is well-equipped with the knowledge and talent to make sure your boat stays comfortable and looking great for as long as you have it.

Make your boat stand out from the crowd with unique flooring

Snap-in Carpet

If your boat is set up for snap-in carpet, we can help you with that, too! We work closely with Corinthian Marine Carpet to make sure you have a variety of color and style options. Snap-in carpet is a breeze to clean or even replace if you feel like a new season on the open water means it’s time for a new color scheme. We use the same expert care and precision on all our projects and snap-in carpet is no different.

Teak Flooring

Don’t want carpet on your boat? No problem! We are fully authorized and the preferred Teak Flooring installer of TT Custom Marine. We’ll exceed your expectations and make sure the deck of your boat looks beautiful using only the finest available material from one of the best manufacturers in the business. With a variety of different styles and colors to choose from, TT Custom Marine has the best selection and quality when it comes to Teak flooring. Combine that selection with our expert craftsmanship, your boat will stay looking beautiful for as long as it stays above water.