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Storage Cover

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Storage Cover


“DOUBLE UP” (over the tower) & traditional Storage Covers

If you plan to store your boat outside for any length of time, nothing protects it better than a full storage cover. A good boat cover will undoubtedly prolong the life of your boat and is actually cheaper in the long run than getting your boat shrink wrapped each winter. Along with keeping your boat clean and dry, a good storage cover will also prevent mold from destroying your boat. Without a cover, the sun’s damaging rays can greatly decrease the life of your boat’s upholstery, carpet, and many of the rubber parts. Sun exposure will cause them to fade, crack and even break. Call or email us for a quote on one of our custom Storage Covers!

Designed to protect your boat from nature’s elements year round

Designed to withstand the harshest winters

While our snap-on covers are a great choice for transport, they are only designed to cover the delicate open areas of your boat. They leave the tower, accessories, swim platform, and hull exposed to the elements. A good storage cover will protect your entire boat from the long term damage of rain, snow, and sun. Our storage covers are made from premium UV inhabitant, abrasion resistant, and waterproof fabrics. Because of the added fabric, our Double Up cover specifically uses our 9oz marine grade fabric. The 9oz fabric is the perfect application for both robust protection of the boat while in use and a manageable cover for installation, removal, and storage. Multiple fabric options are available with our premium choices being Aqualon Edge.


The thread is often the most overlooked detail in any marine cover project, although it has the biggest impact on the longevity of a cover. We use a PTFE thread that is guaranteed to outlast the fabric.

Re-think the Shrink

Owning a boat is a major investment. Don’t settle for anything less than premium, year-round protection from the elements. A good storage cover is the best purchase you can make to protect your investment.

Protect your investment year round!

A shrink wrap only protects your investment for the offseason. A well fit storage cover has a greater upfront cost than shrink wrapping your boat, but in just 3-5 years you’ll start seeing the savings. Furthermore, you can expect a quality storage cover to protect your investment for many more years to come. With a good fit and high-quality fabric, you can expect a minimum of 10 years in the harshest environments or up to 15 plus years in more mild climates of 24/7 year-round protection.

Why Double Up? The benefits of covering the entire tower

Covering the tower simply makes sense! You protect the whole package—tower, speakers, and all the other tower mounted accessories. Because our Double Up storage cover goes over the tower, you get a better “tent” effect for the rain and snow to slide off. It also eliminates the need for tent poles to support the cover and prevents water pooling.

Fit and designed for your boat with your choice of color in Aqualon Edge fabric. Bow to stern, tower to chine.