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Function Style & Design

This is the 3rd generation of our patented and award-winning Folding Canopy Top engineered specifically for the Nautique G Series and GS Series Flight Control Towers.

With the built-in surf pockets, easy installation and deployment the New FCTv3 design is the largest most functional top available.


We custom manufacture a robust folding & mounting system for our patented FCT to ensure a solid mounting foundation that is quick and easy to use. Our FCT framework is made from 1” Stainless Steel Tubing, which provides a very rigid structure. The top measures out to 86″ W x 68″ L making it the largest top available for the G Series boats. With the surf pockets, it gives the already roomy boat even more storage for boards! It also comes with a zip-on boot for convenient storage of the top.


The Functionality Of The FCTv3

2018 New Feature – Collapsing The Tower FCTv3

Collapsing The 2019+ Power Tower – FCTv3 QR

Installing The Nautique FCTv3

G Series Year 2013-2017

G Series Year 2018

G Series Year 2019+ QR Power Tower