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Folding Canopy Top


Style & Design

Our patented award-winning Folding Canopy Top has a unique design with several improvements over the previous Folding Trampoline version because it mounts to the outside of the tower. This allows more length, headroom, and ease of use. This top solves all of the problems presented by trying to install a traditional collapsing bimini top on, in, or under a tower.

The FCT is mounted to the tower with our own custom manufactured clamps. The clamps were designed specifically for this application and to allow for installation without drilling holes in the tower or top. The FCT utilizes a simple tower mounted folding design that allows for easy collapse and convenient storage of the top with a neat, clean look.

Our Folding Canopy Top is our most popular top and provides the most shade you can get with a tower


We custom manufacture a billet aluminum clamp system for our patented FCT and the mounting components ensure a solid mounting foundation that is quick and easy to install. Our FCT framework is made from Stainless Steel Tubing, which provides for great headroom and works incredibly well with accessories that hang below the top of the tower. It also comes with a zip-on boot for convenient storage of the top.

Besides longevity and durabilty, our Sunbrella® brand fabric also provides protection from the sun so your family can enjoy long hours on the water. Our fabrics carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, giving you the added sun protection your boat, family, and friends need.

What makes us unique

Unlike traditional sun shades, the FCT mounts directly to the tower and utilizes it as an integral part of the canopy structure, eliminating all the additional and unnecessary framework of a traditional bimini top mounted on, in, or under the tower.


Article in Marine Fabricators Mag

Award from Marine Fabricators Association

3D Printed Copy of our Top

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