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Cinch Cover

Cinch Cover


Style & Design

The Cinch cover brought “Cool” back into boat cover conversations. Not only is the Cinch cover stylish, but it’s also very functional, easy to use and provides your boat robust protection from the elements. We have worked relentlessly over the years developing and refining the Cinch cover to deliver the results you should expect from a boat cover. Our Cinch Cover is the premium answer to the standard ratchet or storage cover.

Transport Without Snaps

This is the solution for boaters that want a transport cover with added protection from the elements, but don’t want snaps installed in their boat.

Designed for travel, mooring & light storage applications

Quality Counts

Our team of experts fabricates each cover with the highest quality standards. We start by making a custom template for each boat then heat cut our premium solution-dyed polyester fabric to prevent fraying and ensure longevity. We reinforce the cover for potential wear spots. All of our seams are double sewn with a lock stitch (not chain stitch) sewing machine. Since we make all our covers custom we can include extra options like Gas Cap, Cleat Flaps, etc…. Not only is the Polyester fabric strong, it is lightweight, easy to handle, and most importantly, stows easily and compact.

Cinch or Ratchet, that is the question! (Cinch is the answer)

The Cinch cover is our “hybrid cover” specifically designed for transport, moving, and light storage. You will appreciate the ease and convenience of our one-of-a-kind cinching mechanism. Unlike traditional ratchet covers with 4 connection points and 2 ratchets, our Cinch cover has only 2 simplified and very effective cinching points. We have developed a unique, easily removable side strap system that places just the right amount of tension in just the right place to keep your cover secure while in transport. With a single, easily removable attachment secured to the trailer, the straps are kept away from the boat, avoiding the usual chatter that ruins gel coats.

No matter how unique the boat, our Cinch covers are custom made to fit each and every one. They include tower leg boots to prevent water and debris from getting into the boat at the tower leg cutouts and the vents on our storage covers help allow any trapped moisture to escape. The windshield and other potential wear spots are also felt lined to eliminate abrasion. The premium fabric for our Cinch Covers is WeatherMax 80 and WeatherMax SG, but there are others available as well.

Our Cinch cover is a great hybrid travel/storage cover that is fit and designed for you boat. We make them out of WeatherMax in your choice of color.