Supreme Octo Tower Bimini

Categories: fct, centurion, nautique

Our good friend, Tory Mann of, asked us if there is any way we could build our Folding Canopy Top on the new Supreme s238 with the new Octo Tower. Of corse, we said yes! then he added he …

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Utah Boat Show 2016

Categories: fct, other-marine, centurion, nautique

The Utah Boat Show was a good time this year! We got to put NINE tops on BoardCo's boats, add LED lights to a FCTv3 on a G23 for Croft Marine . We also got a glimce at all new new boats coming out…

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Red Top with Upholstery

Categories: fct, exterior-upholstery, flooring

The team just finished the interior of this boat along with a new top and a cover for the open bow. The only thing left to do on this boat is to get it out on the water!

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Centurion Skylon FCT

Categories: fct, centurion

This Centurion has more of a classic tower then we’re used to seeing around these parts, but ya gotta love a classic. We did a black Folding Canopy Top with red trim and it turned out really great.

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Millers Nautique 200

Categories: fct, nautique

We did a snap Cover and Folding Canopy Top for the Millers and they couldn’t be happier!

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