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Exterior Upholstery

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Exterior Upholstery


Put your trust in our experienced team of expert craftsmen.

Upholstery is a lost art and a craft that needs a steady, seasoned hand at the forefront. Our team has over two decades of experience and takes great pride in making sure your boat looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.


From Grandpa’s fishing boat to a luxury yacht and everything in between—if it needs upholstery, we can do it.

Upholstery is a lost art and a craft in need of a steady, seasoned hand.

Your colors, your choice

Here at Sewlong Custom Covers, we have a wide variety of marine grade vinyl with many different colors and textures to choose from. We’re well versed in how best to recreate what’s wearing down, keeping a classic style that’s merely in need of an upgrade, but we also have the talent and vision to execute an exciting and creative alternative.

Repairs and additions

If your boat is in need of a foundation fix, we have the skills to do that, too. We also have the tools and experience to install carpet, drapes and salon sofas. Whether you’re just looking to replace the seat in your grandpa’s old fishing boat or giving the inside of your luxury yacht a complete makeover, Custom Covers has everything you need.