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Snap Cover

Snap Cover


Custom made to fit each boat

Many companies use templates that can stretch and warp over time, creating loose fitting boat covers. Here at Custom Covers, we template every boat to make sure each cover has a snug and tight fit, helping to prevent water pooling and prolonging the life of your boat. The edges of our covers are reinforced with polyester webbing (much stronger and more durable than polypropylene or vinyl) for greater strength, better snap retention, and UV resistance. The cover is specifically designed to fit your boat with contoured seams matching the windshield (thus eliminating darts) and expertly reinforced around potential wear spots.

Designed for travel, mooring & light storage applications

Snap Cover Features

While our storage covers will protect your entire boat from the long-term damage of rain, snow, and sun they are not intended for transport. A well fit snap-on cover is the best solution for that purpose. Snap covers protect the delicate open areas of your boat and are held firmly in place with snap fasteners to prevent marking the finish on your hull brought on by rigorous highway winds. The premium fabric we use for Snap Covers is Sunbrella, but there are other options available.