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One Size Fits All?

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One Size Fits All?

OEM standards for covers are not equal to the standards of the boat manufactures using them.

May we have permission to rant? This is an issue we have a hard time with, and we would like to share our perspective.

Boats have a wide range of options with regard to quality, performance, and price. As to be expected, you can see and feel the difference between Moomba Mondo compared to a high end Supra SE. Differences range in motors, audio options, graphics, tower, upholstery fabric, thread and even foam. But the one common denominator between a Supreme S202 and a Centurion Ri257 is the cover offered by the manufacture. There are only a handful of OEM companies mass-producing covers for boats sold today. The same quality of cover that is being demanded by the manufacture of a price point Axis A20, is the same as what is ending up on your Malibu MXZ.

Mass production doesn’t have to equal poor production standards.

Believing in craftsmanship, innovation, and service, this topic really bothers us. Putting all of those qualities into any product is going to make it come at a higher cost, but it adds value and longevity to the end product. And you see that when comparing a Mastercraft X30 to the NXT 22, just like you will when comparing a quality built cover with your run of the mill big box covers. Ok ok, so we know we are a bit biased, and can make the argument that my grandpas 1993 Maxum 1900sr needs a nicer boat cover than what is offered by any boat manufactures today. These mass produced covers are at best a mid-quality cover, and I have never understood why they can’t mass produce a quality product. Why cut costs on the one thing that will help protect these massive investments in our summer fun?

Get the right cover for your needs.

If you live within 20-30 minutes of the lake and you keep your boat indoors or on a covered lift/dock, than a lower quality cover is perfect, don’t waste money on things you don’t need. But if you have to store it exposed to the elements, or travel long distances to the lake, look into a quality cover. There are not as many canvas shops as there use to be, but they are still out there. Most of them will deliver a product that they stand behind (you can locate them here). We also have a fairly large selection of patterns we have collected over the past 20 years.

We get it covers don’t sell boats, so why would the manufacturer care as much as we do? But we know that most boaters care, if you didn’t we wouldn’t be as busy as we are. We wouldn’t be getting calls from across the country looking for what we offer. Your boat deserves protection, make sure you protect it. Spend a little more money now and save you time and energy later.

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SewLong Custom Covers

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