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Custom Tower Bimini Hardware

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Custom Tower Bimini Hardware

Over the past 20 years, we have really made a name for ourselves in the tournament ski boats making high-quality covers and bimini tops. With an addition of wake towers to these boats, it really added a new wrinkle to the traditional bimini top. We tried and saw many other approaches to solving the problem, but we just weren’t satisfied with what we were getting.

Our founder and lead idea guy, Justin Jones, was at a trade show about 13-15 years ago and picked up a new hinge that was just coming out and thought, “this is cool, how can I use it to make something awesome.” This piece of hardware sat on his deck for about 3 months before lightning struck and he built our first “Folding Trampoline Top.” The first generation was simply bolted to the towers. We would spend time drilling holes through the framework and the tower. He knew we had to start designing our own hardware.We needed them to look more polished, make them easier to install and most importantly user-friendly. The Folding Trampoline Top evolved into our Folding Canopy Top and our folding canopy top hardware has gone through 3 major revisions.

Every year we spend time thinking, talking, changing small, and in some cases big things with our hardware. As our part selections increased so did the number of machine shops building our parts. We have 3 different shops working here in Salt Lake manufacturing parts we ship across the country. We have also had to bring in a guy part time to help us make the CAD drawings machine shops could easily use. It is always shocking to see how far we have come with the parts we have, and what we have learned from the failures. Yes, we have had many GREAT IDEAS end up, how do you say, not being so great. Prototyping can be painful.

Custom tower biminis have come a long way, we are very proud of the mark we have had on the industry. We are even more proud of the product we build and the craftsmanship that has gone into developing them. Every canvas shop does some cool custom work, our Folding Canopy Top is by far one of the coolest custom tower bimini available. The hardware we have designed is easy for you to use, it is solid and built to last. ​

SewLong Custom Covers
SewLong Custom Covers

SewLong is the gold standard for boat covers and biminis for you tournament tow boat. We deliver craftsmanship and value with every product.

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