Perfection Can't Be Rushed

Categories: interior-upholstery, exterior-upholstery, centurion

Our upholstery department is booked out three months right now. Many customers don't want to wait that long, I understand, it's getting warm, and they want to be on the water with a fresh interior. B…

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We're Not The Best, But There's No One Better

Categories: snap-cover, cinch-cover, other-marine

Tower Boots have been growing in popularity the last few years. When we first started doing them about 7 years ago we did, maybe one a year. Becuase the complexity of them really drives the price. No…

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Enzo SV230 Full Upholstery

Categories: interior-upholstery, exterior-upholstery

Take a look at this wonderful upholstery job our man Oscar did! Oscar has come a long way in his craft. He has had great mentors helping him along his way, along with the on the job trial and error t…

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The Making Of A Tower Boot

Categories: snap-cover, other-marine, nautique

About four to five times a year we get the opportunity to build tower boots. I have mentioned in other posts about tower boots, they are very time-consuming and require a lot of attention to detail. …

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Custom Outdoor Table Cover

Categories: bbq-cover, outdoor-furniture, other-cover, contract-sewing

We love when we get the chance to work with someone who has a changing cover and knows exactly what they want, done to the placement of the stitching. We got to work with Boat Yard Studios to …

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Outdoor Furniture & Yard Covers

Categories: bbq-cover, outdoor-furniture

This time of year we get help Land Form Desing Group and other property management companies to help get yard furniture and other things covered for the many winters to come. This past week, right be…

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Whaler of a Storage Cover

Categories: storage-cover

Did a fun little Boston Waler storage cover last week. The customer wanted us to cover his outboard so it would help with the watershed. We also added an umbrella snap pull in two places to help even…

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Supreme Octo Tower Bimini

Categories: fct, centurion, nautique

Our good friend, Tory Mann of, asked us if there is any way we could build our Folding Canopy Top on the new Supreme s238 with the new Octo Tower. Of corse, we said yes! then he added he …

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Time Lapse Banded Top Install

Categories: other-marine

We installed this banded top down at Bullfrog a month or so back and took the go pro with us and made a fun time lapse video of is installing it.

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Malibu Tower Cover

Categories: other-marine

We got to do another Tower Boot on this malibu.

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