Custom Outdoor Table Cover

We love when we get the chance to work with someone who has a changing cover and knows exactly what they want, done to the placement of the stitching.

We got to work with Boat Yard Studios to cover a table he built for his client. He knew exactly where he wanted the top stitch, what color and even provided the template with the design drawn on it. He wanted something that would last and last so we went with Precontraint 502 with a PTFE Thread so he never had to worry about any issues in the next 10 plus years.

They picked a unique color combination, that at first, I thought was crazy, but as we started to put the pieces together, I could see I was wrong. Letting the artist pick the colors is a good idea!

Amanda enjoyed putting the stripes thought out the whole cover, just ask her! I would say she learned something new and added some extra know-how to her already valuable set of skills.

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