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Lake Powell – Every 3-6 Weeks Per Demand

Cruisers, yachts, and houseboats need love from time to time too, and we want to help you with that. We know they’re called houseboats for a reason, so dragging them all the way to Salt Lake just isn’t going to happen. During November, December and January, our Sewlong team makes regular trips down south to Bull Frog, Wahweap, and Antelope Point Marina to take care of any and all projects you might have. We offer a wide variety of services and we are fully permitted to work on the lake and we are a preferred service provider for Antelope Point Marina Dry Storage. Our knowledgeable staff and crew is the best in the business and we know what it takes to keep your boat looking great

Bear Lake – Aug, Sep, Oct

Do you have a nice sailboat that’s been your passion project for as long as you can remember? You know, the one you’re always plugging away on, trying to get it just right for those long days on the water. We bring our full-service, knowledgeable staff along on regular trips to Bear Lake in August, September and October of each and every year. We can help with dodgers and sail covers and anything else you might need to help you make your boat the best it can be.

Flaming Gorge – Aug, Sep, Oct

Maybe you have a nice big cruiser boat or a yacht that needs some love and care, but as with most boats that size, getting it out of the water is something that’s just not going to happen. No problem! August, September and October is the perfect time for us to help you out. Our full-service staff makes regular trips to Flaming Gorge during that time, so let us know what we can help you with and we’ll make it happen.

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